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Fiscal Health

Fiscal Health

  • General Fund Sustainability Modeling
  • Cost Studies
  • Project and Program Financing
  • Fiscal Consultant Services
  • Property Tax Revenue Apportionment
  • Annual Reporting

RSG specializes in financial consulting services for cities, counties and other public agencies.  Our clients’ needs are diverse; from general fund sustainability to project and program financing to property tax revenue apportionment analysis.  These engagements all require an advisor that understands the complexities of public finance and whose forecasts are thorough, reliable, and delivered on time.  RSG staff interacts with key players on any team - city and county staff, other financial consultants, underwriters, bond counsel, bond insurers, rating agencies, or credit institutions.

RSG provides financial forecasting that provides staff and decision-making bodies with information on the short and long-term implications of the current budgetary environment.  The forecasts can also be used as a management tool in conjunction with annual budget preparation, economic impacts of General Plan Amendments and economic strategic planning.  RSG has developed several long-term financial sustainability models for our client agencies.  The goal of the model is to align the policy and service-level analysis with the operational funds of the public agency.   The modeling can also incorporate the fiscal impacts and implications of General Plan build-out and growth.

RSG has prepared cost studies that analyze needed service levels and associated costs for  public agency clients.  In one city, RSG developed a compensation study for specific employment classifications that involved surveying over a half dozen comparable communities to obtain peer-level compensation and benefit information.  This survey and research allowed a more efficient organization model to be created.  Other studies prepared by RSG staff have focused on specific departments to identify core services and the best possible methods to deliver these services by examining functional costs, staffing levels, service level measurements and customer service expectations. RSG staff specializes in analyzing and recommending efficient methods to provide needed services in communities.

RSG can identify potential financing and funding sources for various projects and programs that need to be implemented.  These activities include identifying and researching the feasibility of obtaining grants, creating programs and incentives for local investment, and negotiating and devising public/private partnerships.  Many clients also look to RSG to prepare preliminary and long-term forecasts of project financings, including bonding capacity analyses.

RSG prepares fiscal consultant reports for a variety of property tax supported debt structures for clients throughout California and Nevada.  We provide property tax and tax increment revenue projections that delineate both historical and anticipated revenue amounts. RSG prepares appropriate fiscal documentation to facilitate escrow releases when revenues increase. Our role as fiscal consultant frequently includes presentations with rating agencies and insurers.  We are experienced in explaining the basis for revenue projections, analyzing assessment appeals, and preparing defensible development forecasts.  To date, RSG has served as fiscal consultant for over 150 financings, involving the issuance of approximately $2.6 billion in bonds.  Our extensive experience covers a spectrum of financing sizes and structures including the following:

  • Financings ranging from $1 million to over $100 million
  • Initial offerings and refundings/refinancings
  • Issues including escrow components
  • Short-term notes and long-term take-out financings
  • Tax increment pledges

Anyone with a computer can prepare revenue projections.  RSG knows the nuances and importance of each assumption and variable.  That can make a big difference when it comes to sizing a bond and getting the best interest rate.

RSG reviews, calculates and provides annual administration pertaining to tax sharing agreements with taxing agencies and property owners (including affordable housing developers and businesses).  These analyses require the annual determination of funds to be disbursed to affected taxing agencies, developers, and other entities and ensuring that the terms of any agreements are being fulfilled.  As part of this work, RSG also prepares multi-year revenue projections or forecasts and provides property tax verification analyses.

RSG routinely prepares required annual reports to the State of California, including Department of Housing and Community Development, State Controller and county auditor-controllers.  These reports serve as a basis to more effectively monitor and manage activities and expenditures of public agencies.  These services allow our clients to meet compliance requirements so that they may focus on serving their constituents and improving their communities.

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