Hailing Hack the Beach

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, thousands of people from across the United States will come together for the National Day of Civic Hacking. Embracing the idea of “open data” – a way to make the data accessible to the general public to develop new technologies that would serve our communities – cities are using the data to drive “actionable decisions” and create apps that can be useful in our everyday lives.

According to organizers, the event will bring together urbanists, civic hackers, government staff, developers, designers, community organizers and anyone with the passion to make a city better. People will collaboratively build new solutions using publicly-released data, technology and design processes to improve our communities and the governments that serve them. Anyone can participate.

The City of Santa Monica, in partnership with the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, will host a free meet up called “Hack the Beach” at the Santa Monica Public Library. Slated from 10 to 2, the City of Santa Monica will present new real-time data for Big Blue Bus scheduling (GTFS-rt), real-time on-street and lot parking, Fire Department Calls for Service and citywide water usage data. People can learn about all aspects of the City’s open data program, including providing input to help shape future events. Along with data and apps, the city is offering food and wifi.

At RSG, we use data to also create actionable decisions, strategic and implementation initiatives. Understanding that this data sharing is the way of the future, we wholeheartedly support initiatives like Hack the Beach. For more info, visit http://hackthebeach.smgov.net/.

Written by Andrew Gee, Senior Associate at RSG.