Jim Draughon Retires from RSG

RSG is proud to announce that our long-time Director, Jim Draughon, retired on June 25th. Jim is a real estate and affordable housing specialist with over 30 years of experience in the field of housing development and financing. He worked at RSG for over 9 years, dedicating almost a decade of service to the company and its mission of helping communities grow and improve.

Jim, an artist in his spare time, brought the same passionate resolve he uses in his artwork into the office. Though a man of few words, when he talked about his projects, his determination to help his clients and the communities they serve radiated throughout the room and inspired us all to strive for the same goals.

True to his commitment, Jim made sure that RSG could fill the large void left in his wake with industry experts already on staff, trained by Jim himself. However, he will be missed as the quiet yet passionate sage and mentor to the team.

Jim Draughon was a titan in the industry and a valuable teacher to us all. He will be sorely missed, but we wish him only the best as he ventures forth into a well-earned retirement!

Written by Michael Dietz, a Research Assistant at RSG.