Fit Body, Fit Mind-RSG Boot Camp

Ask any working woman how easy it is to make fitness a priority and you will quickly understand that for many it is not easy at all! For me, the offer of a 9-5 job usually means my morning fitness routine is dead. This is not to say that women don’t think exercise is important. We feel selfish if we take time after being away from home and family to go to the gym and work on ourselves. 
Imagine my surprise when on my first day of working at RSG I overheard rumblings of some sort of “boot camp”. I immediately asked Hitta, a partner, about it. It was in this moment that I completely fell head over heels for RSG. She explained that she is a licensed and certified personal trainer. A couple of years ago, encouraged by their upcoming nuptials, several employees begged her to put them through the fitness ringer. She happily obliged, and the workout has continued even after the weddings. 
We are a small but mighty group who try to stay consistent with two lunchtime sessions a week. It is amazing what 30 minutes of hard exercise can do to reboot the brain! This may not amuse or interest many, but for me it was huge! That is why it is so important to look deeper into a prospective job. How does this glove fit my hand? RSG is like a broken-in softball glove. For me that means it is comfortable, bolsters production, and makes me a better me! Thank you Hitta and my wonderful Boot Camp Buddies-you add so much to my work days!!

Written by Erin Woodmas, RSG’s Business Office Coordinator.