Holiday Party Scare

We held our holiday party at a mall in Santa Ana on December 18. We were having a great time bowling when one of our employees who had to leave early came running back inside to tell me and another partner that there had been a shooting in the mall.

You can imagine the thoughts going through our heads. Do we tell staff to make a run for it? Where is the manager? Is the shooter near us? Are we safe?

We decided to stay calm and find a manager to get more details. We were assured there were no active shootings, we were safe and we should remain inside until more details were uncovered. We decided to let our staff continue having a good time and not frighten everyone. Luckily, we stayed calm, because it ended up being a false alarm, some teenager quarrel. Staying calm in a moment of panic is something that helps us to make good decisions for ourselves and others. Things can get so convoluted or exaggerated.

We live in a crazy time when we need to be aware of our surroundings. This happened right after the San Bernardino shootings. RSG employees travel all over the state. We encourage awareness and safety to our staff. Knowing the community you are in and trying to make it a positive place will benefit the greater society. You have to live each day to the fullest and help your neighbor.

Written by Tara Matthews, a Principal at RSG