League of California Cities Annual Conference Game Results

At the beginning of October, RSG hosted a booth at the League of California Cities Annual Conference in Long Beach. It was wonderful to see our friends and clients from all over California, as well as to meet new people in the business of providing better futures for our communities.

As consultants, RSG’s focus is always on providing useful answers and strategies to challenging issues in local government. Inspired by some of the projects on which we are currently working, our booth featured a game for conference attendees to identify the largest problems facing cities today. Participants were asked to place an orange chip in the bucket which best represented that issue for them. Here are the results!

  •  Prepare a long-range budget forecast for current / future public safety costs? 53 chips
  •  Increase in facilitated community engagement events / meetings? 40 chips
  •  Use social media to promote economic development in your city? 39 chips
  •  Partner with County and / or utilized Housing Authority / SB 341 money for homeless programs? 23 chips
  •  Leverage former RDA assets on tax credit projects? 20 chips
  •  Pass ordinances defining allowable areas for AIRBNB / VRBO? 14 chips

A big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our booth! We enjoyed connecting with you, and hope to hear from you soon.

Written by Evanne Holloway, an Analyst at RSG