Hotel Market Assessments

Hotels generate a significant source of revenue for many California cities. Each hotel patron pays Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT). According to the California Local Government Finance Almanac, TOT rates range from 3.5% in the City of Bell to 15% in the City of Anaheim. Thus, many cities welcome hotels with open arms and strategically attempt to attract hotel developments.

RSG has helped a number of cities determine whether there is hotel demand in their city. Our “hotel market assessments” answer the following questions:

  • What hotels are currently in the area, and how are they performing?
  • What hotels are planned and currently under construction in the area?
  • After the hotels that are planned and currently under construction open, will there still be unmet demand in the area?
  • Which sites in the community would be suitable for hotel development?
  • If a hotel could be developed in the community, which hotel brands or level of service would it/they likely be?

Call us to find out whether new hotels will benefit your city and how to attract and develop them.

Written by Dominique Clark, an Associate at RSG