Orange County to Consider Fiscal Impacts in Policy Decisions

On June 7, Orange County voters passed Measure B, which requires a fiscal impact statement to be provided with future County ballot measures. Measure B amends the Orange County Charter to require the Auditor-Controller to review any countywide measure placed on the ballot and prepare a fiscal impact statement.

The statement will estimate the amount of any increase or decrease in revenues or costs to the County and any applicable funding source or funding mechanism if the proposed measure is adopted. The Auditor-Controller, when preparing a fiscal impact statement, must only identify fiscal impacts that are readily discernable and not speculate. The fiscal impact statement will be printed preceding the arguments for and against a measure and may not exceed 500 words.

At RSG, we calculate fiscal impacts for development projects. We believe it’s valuable for local jurisdictions to consider the fiscal impacts of development projects and policies and are happy to see more local government entities take fiscal impacts into consideration.

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Written by Dima Galkin, an Associate at RSG