Affordable Housing Technical Review Services

El Cajon

RSG has had an on-call affordable housing consulting contract with the City of El Cajon since 2018. Under this contract we have assisted with the following: 

First-Time Homebuyer Program Administration – RSG is involved with the administration of the City of El Cajon’s First Time Home Buyer Program.  In this role RSG, pre–underwrites loans based on the borrower’s income and asset eligibility for the approval of maximum purchase price, including the ratio determination of housing and income. The program guidelines are carefully reviewed based on funding sources for state or federal requirements.  The FTHB utilizes a combination of funding with HOME, CALHOME and LMIHAF for the borrower’s eligibility review. RSG gathers and collects documentation prior to pre-approval, issue tentative loan commitments, track prior to documents and coordinate with lenders, escrow and title company with the preparation of loan documents for funding.  

Lexington Avenue Resyndication – RSG evaluated a proposal from a developer to acquire the leasehold interest in the Lexington Avenue Senior Apartments to identify potential fiscal and regulatory impacts.  As part of the process, RSG examined the project underwriting and proposed purchase price to ensure that it was economically feasible and met legal requirements.  As part of this process, RSG evaluated cost estimate reasonableness, determined the financial feasibility and if gap financing was warranted, prepared a modeling pro forma, reviewed tax credit and other funding source market conditions, and prepared a 55-year cash flow projection. We then summarized our findings to note key proposal terms, strengths and weaknesses, and need for gap financing.  

Annual Reporting Compliance – As City Staff prepares these reports, RSG provides advisory services to ensure that Housing Successor funds are spent in compliance with legal requirements. We advise the City on the accurate reporting of financial data provided by staff, including data about the balance, deposits, and expenditures pertaining to the Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Asset Fund, along with information about assets reported on the Housing Assets Transfer form.