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Recording and Reporting the Impact


RSG has provided the City of Tulare with Affordable Housing Annual Reporting and Advisory Services since 2014 to assist with the following:

  • Annual Reporting – RSG helps the City of Tulare evaluate and maintain compliance with affordable housing legal requirements.  Tasks include drafting the Housing Element Annual Progress Report (APR) and Housing Successor Annual Report.  RSG goes beyond simply meeting legal requirements by using annual reporting as an opportunity to identify the city’s housing needs and utilize housing assets to meet those needs.  For example, RSG advised Tulare of options to spend $1.5 million in Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Asset Funds on affordable housing and homelessness prevention, resulting in $500,000 set-aside for homeless prevention activities and $1 million set-aside for a Notice of Funding Availability for affordable housing development.
  • No Net Loss Analysis – RSG assisted the City with making a No Net Loss finding required by Senate Bill 166.  The finding tracked development on Housing Element sites designated to meet Tulare’s RHNA allocation and determined whether any units were “lost” based on the number of units actually built by income level compared to what was designated in the Housing Element.  The finding determined that the City had a surplus unit supported by other Housing Element sites designated to meet RHNA need. 
  • Affordable Housing NOFA – The City of Tulare had over $1.5 million in Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Asset Funds.  RSG presented various options to expend those funds while meeting community needs.  The City decided to set-aside $500,000 for homeless prevention activities and $1 million for affordable housing development.  RSG drafted a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) soliciting developer proposals to apply the City’s $1 million to local affordable housing development, with a preference for permanent supportive housing for the formerly homeless.  The NOFA requirements helped the City assess developer qualifications and detail selection criteria.  RSG is actively reviewing the responses, assisting the City with developer selection, negotiations, and agreement preparation.
  • Legislative Monitoring – RSG provides the City with frequent legislative updates regarding matters that may affect them.  It is a common that we are asked to research or provide input on how legislative matters may impact the work the City does.