Outreach in any Language

As trusted advisors to the people responsible for creating vibrant places, RSG believes that communication is crucial to success. While we take pride in our technical expertise, we place just as much value in explaining what we know in understandable terms, listening to stakeholders, and asking the right questions. 

Certainly, there are many potential obstacles to effective communication. One very basic obstacle can be language barriers. They can make a huge difference in enabling people to feel comfortable asking the questions and confident that they are getting the answers.

At RSG, we have the advantage of fluency in four languages other than English, so that people have a greater comfort level when they converse with us. Rosa is fluent in Spanish, Jeff is fluent in Vietnamese and Cantonese, and Dima is fluent in Russian.

Speaking several languages has proved to be a tremendous asset when engaging in community outreach, providing relocation services, and interacting with the real estate development community, for example. Please feel free to reach out to us – in any language – if we can be of help in your community.

Written by Dominique Clark, a Senior Analyst at RSG.