Telecommuting with Improved Technology

Most working people have wished that they could clone themselves or be in two places at once. Now the idea is getting closer to reality. 

For instance, the Beam Store in Palo Alto is “manned” only by robots that move around and interact with customers at eye level. Actually, people in remote locations can see and communicate with customers in the store through the device, called the Beam. It is on wheels with an iPad-like screen showing the face of the person who is talking to the customer.

Made by Suitable Technologies, the Beam offers mobility and independence, high-level sound quality and ease of use. The user is in complete control and has a sense of being at the location where the communication is taking place.

This new technology may make it easier to telecommute, attend virtual meetings and follow up in what appears to be a more effective way than a telephone call. It can change workforce possibilities by giving people all over the world a chance to interact effectively without going anywhere, thus saving money while increasing productivity. How might such technology change your local community?

Written by Brett Poirier, a Research Assistant at RSG