Making Me a Priority

As a mom of two children under 4 years old, with a wonderful, supportive husband, four chickens, a dog, a gecko, fish, and a business, it is easy to overlook taking care of myself. This year I have started heated yoga, clean eating, and meal prepping. 

Making time for ourselves and getting back to our roots makes us more effective. Taking care of ourselves physically and mentally avoids stress and health problems.

I want to teach my kids to respect the earth, enjoy its bounty, and focus less on material things. Too much of society is focused on living life through electronics and social media, destroying our planet, and not being kind to our neighbor. 

RSG strives to build communities that represent everyone while creating a sustainable planet. Let’s focus on making our communities better with less emphasis on the material things and more on the real needs of people. 

Written by Tara Matthews, a Principal at RSG