Summer Festivals: Parties with A Purpose

Summer is here and festival season is upon us. Whether it is a community concert series or an event of a larger scale, festivals bring people together. Summer events are a great way for local governments and municipalities to celebrate local culture, spurring short- and long-term investment in an area. Although we may not be the festival’s headliner, RSG can help clients capture the economic and social impact of these summer events to realize opportunities for community development.

Here are a few tips about making your summer event successful:

  • Communicating clearly, getting the word out, making the event a team effort, planning for the unexpected and reining in the budget are helpful in making an event go smoothly, according to Asa Gurden, head of the Scout Association’s Scout Activity Centres, as reported in The Guardian.

  • Staying true to organizing principles, spreading the word sensibly and knowing whom you want to attract are tips from Joanne Steele at

  • Keeping people hydrated, ensuring proper layout, providing activities for all ages, providing safety and security measures and showing appreciation are some important aspects of planning a summer event, according to The site lists important “don’ts” like: overserving guest, skimping on restrooms, overscaling events, and not being environmentally sensitive.

Better communities, bolder futures – that is what we do.

Written by Evanne Holloway, a Research Assistant at RSG