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Investing In Ourselves So We Can Invest In You: RSG’s June Partner Retreat

Partner retreat photos.JPG
Partner retreat photos.JPG

RSG Partners Hitta Mosesman, Tara Matthews, and Jim Simon recently embarked on a weekend of brainstorming, contemplation and reflection for the semi-annual partner retreat.  Under the guidance of Henson Consulting Group, three brilliant minds spent the weekend thinking of new and innovative ways to continue to provide clients with the quality services they have come to expect from RSG.

Our partner retreats have truly become a valuable tool in the management and growth of our firm, as well as what we seek to offer clients.  During their time at the retreat, our partners focused on the overall vision for the firm looking ahead to 2023 and assess what our client’s needs might be in the future. RSG prides itself on not only being able to address current issues our clients face, but also identify those on the horizon.  We aim to take a proactive approach to identifying the best solution to meet the unique needs of each client. 

As important as these retreats are for the customer service side of our firm, they have become equally important for the internal development of our staff.  We have a highly developed team of individuals who are not only great at what they do but enjoy what they do as well.  Insight, thoughts and action plans regarding the training of current staff play a large role at these retreats as well as recruitment of new team members to add to the firm.  We have found that by reinvesting in the firm through these retreats, amongst other team building exercises practiced by our company, our clients receive the greatest benefit.