What Does RSG Do?

Since joining RSG almost a year and a half ago, I’ve often been asked, “What does RSG do?” I’m asked this by colleagues that I meet at conferences, by clients for whom we’ve provided only one or two of the types of services we offer, by my father-in-law who said to me at a meal during the recent holiday, “Now, explain to me again what your job is.”

You’d think that, as many times as I’ve been asked, that I would have developed a good “elevator speech.” But instead, I think I’ve given a different answer nearly every time. RSG provides so many different services – project feasibility analyses, affordable housing monitoring, economic development planning, fiscal modeling, real estate brokerage services, and on and on. Usually though, when I provide a laundry list of some of RSG’s work, I notice that the person’s eyes glaze over. I used to find that response puzzling, because the work we do at RSG is so exciting and impacts dozens of communities (entire communities!) throughout California. And besides, they asked me the question!

But upon returning to the office after the holidays, I saw our RSG logo again as I entered our building, and our tagline struck me: Better Communities. Bolder Futures. What better way to sum up RSG? We work with cities to ensure that they are continually creating futures for their communities that are better and bolder than where they are today. That’s an energizing vision that encapsulates RSG’s mission in simple and understandable terms. I think even my father-in-law would remember that.

Written by Dominique Clark who is an Analyst at RSG