One Year at RSG

I joined RSG for a simple reason: I needed a job, and I knew I wanted to help improve the quality of communities for the people who populate them. Fresh out of grad school, I let that goal lead me to RSG, where I quickly realized how green and untrained I really was.

As I settled into my cubicle on my first day at the company, I marveled at the firm and the projects it sought to accomplish, as well as the people who made it all happen. The firm was a well-oiled machine, and the workers were components synchronized to tackle multiple problems at once, diverse in skills and background, but unified by the common vision of striving to help communities improve themselves. And yet, even though I shared that ideal, I found myself startled at the depth of the problems we were tasked to solve and at the pace we needed to maintain. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the people who made it all look so effortless, but I was welcomed nonetheless.

A year later, the problems are still vast, but they feel more manageable. The pace is still quick, but it feels more natural. Much has changed, to be sure, but the underlying character of the company is preserved with stoic regard. As the firm expands, new faces become new pistons in the machine, drawn in for the same purpose that brought us all here. 

One year at RSG has taught me everything from technical skills to life lessons. I’ve learned that a truly effective team has people of various backgrounds who can complement each other and cover each other’s weaknesses. What intimidated me about the firm before is what I’ve grown to admire it for. Above all, one year at RSG has been a pleasure because of the people who comprise the firm and make it feel so welcoming. I came here looking for a job, but in some ways, I found a home.

Written by Michael Dietz, who was recently promoted to an Analyst at RSG