Partnering for Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing employment is declining in the US, but production volume and value are increasing.  Part of the reason is that the US manufacturing industry focuses on advanced technology.  While there were more toy planes manufactured in the past, there are more real planes manufactured today.

Higher education of the work force is required to keep pace with the demands of advanced manufacturing, the use of technology to improve products and services.  Advanced manufacturing rapidly transfers science and technology into the manufacture of products and develops technologically complex products using high-level designing skills.  Many universities are launching programs that prepare students for modern manufacturing careers that meet the demands of today’s employers.

Thus, a highly educated pool of workers is required to keep manufacturers operating in a given area.  Some cities partner with businesses and colleges and universities to ensure that more of their residents get all of the education that the employers require.

One such program is the entrepreneur program at Cal State Fullerton.  The program focuses on teaching students how to plan and launch their own business, first through consulting with actual business owners to gain experience, then by giving students the opportunity to write a business plan and executing it within the class.  The program is under the guidance of business mentors who volunteer their expertise to the class.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.  Visionary cities and companies take that into consideration when they create partnerships with schools

Written by Dima Galkin who is an Analyst at RSG