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Fresno Is the New Gold

As economic developers we need to think about tech hubs, startups and downtowns….and also craft breweries don’t hurt. Fresno, while often ignored, has a sense of place and geography that needs another look.

Fresno has innovative public schools, an interesting arts scene, tech startups that take advantage of the city’s location and an ambitious plan to remake its downtown.

In addition, Fresno is embarking on technical training to remake the American job picture of skilled technical positions. A tech incubator is also very active with the local public schools, Fresno State and other civic groups to connect people at many stages of life with improved tech-skill opportunities. The objective is to get people ready for jobs in the highest growth industries.

Fresno is about to take apart what a previous generation thought was an innovative way to save the downtown area. It is going to dig up the pedestrian mall that had been its pride and re-open it to cars, using an adaptive new design that will enable the city to close the streets to vehicle traffic for special events.

Fresno has a wonderfully situated brewpub, indicative of having entrepreneurs and young customers who will also support other businesses downtown. It is situated next to Fresno’s downtown minor-league park