Proliferating Sober Living Homes


With sober living homes sprouting up in nearly every Orange County city, the Association of California Cities, Orange County (ACC-OC) is focusing on legislative and regulatory solutions that empower cities and protect patients from “bad acting” facilities. While cities need to regulate sober living facilities according to state and federal disability laws, some cities – notably Costa Mesa, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo and San Juan Capistrano – are taking advantage of tools at their disposal to address key issues.

ACC-OC conducted research and prepared a resource guide for cities managing the rising number of these homes. As part of this effort, the ACC-OC has compiled a comprehensive summary of regulations currently in place in a number of cities across Orange County. The objective is to help cities to manage sober living homes and empower neighborhoods while protecting patients’ and homeowners’ property rights.

RSG shares ACC-OC’s concern about communities in Orange County and beyond. We encourage you to see what works in cities that have implemented plans.

Written by Hitta Mosesman, a Principal at RSG