A Relocation Success Story by RSG

Residential relocation is often a challenging and emotionally charged task.  RSG helps clients to relocate tenants by interfacing with residents, finding new housing opportunities, and making sure the process complies with state law.  We recently assisted the City of San Pablo with relocating an extremely low income tenant from an apartment owned by the Housing Successor Agency.  The building is slated for demolition as part of a new hospital development project.  There were no affordable housing vacancies in the area, so we had to find market-rate housing that the tenant could afford.  RSG supplied relocation referrals, took the tenant to open houses, and explained relocation assistance to landlords who are often weary of tenants who receive government subsidies.  The tenant was successfully placed in a market-rate property within the city.  The most important part of the relocation process is making a positive connection with tenants and landlords to make them feel comfortable and to be sure that they are happy with the end result.

Written by Suzy Kim who is an Associate at RSG