RSG: Past, Present and Future

RSG is a creatively charged counterpart to California public agencies.  Working with the people responsible for vibrant places and propelling them toward their goals, RSG helps to create better communities and bolder futures in the areas of real estate, economic development, fiscal health and housing initiatives.

For most of the past 35 years, RSG has been one of the top RDA consultants in California, specializing in affordable housing, plan adoption amendment and analyses.  In the wake of dissolution, RSG maintains the same core values to help make communities thrive.

Dissolution has changed the funding sources for projects and made communities more dependent on demographics.  While funding may be smaller scale and more specific, the needs are there.  RSG takes a creative approach to developing communities.

For the future, RSG is continuing its role and its purpose with a different route to the same goal.  Putting communities first, RSG’s commitment is stronger than ever.  Understanding that there is no “one size fits all” funding source, RSG leads the way.  Our consultants work hand in hand with communities with a new form of redevelopment that will create a brighter tomorrow.

In the coming weeks we plan to post a series that goes into the stories of RSG’s past, present and future so please stay tuned!