Research Assistant

What I love About Work

"I strive to improve social equity through research and evidence-based recommendations to public institutions. I value working with RSG to help improve the socio-economic resources available to communities across California."



Assisted with a Subsidy Layering Review and underwriting a proposed affordable housing project in El Monte. Research and analyzed comparable development projects recently developed in the region to determine the reasonableness of line-by-line cost estimates in the developer pro forma.

Researched community benefit plans for multiple commercial and residential projects in Southern California counties. Compiled findings of terms agreed upon by developers and public agencies, such as Floor Area Ratio Payment plans. The research was used to inform negotiations for a development project in Jurupa Valley.


Assisted in Pinole’s 2022 compliance monitoring analysis and report for senior residential property according to HCD’s income and rent limits. Prepared compliance monitoring notices and acted as a liaison to bridge communication between RSG and Pinole County officials.

Prepared Housing Successor (SB 341) Annual Reports for Atwater, Merced, Orange Cove, and Pinole.


Calculated negotiated pass-through payments for multiple agreements between the former Pleasant Hill Redevelopment Agency and affected taxing agencies. The calculations are reviewed by the Contra Costa County Auditor-Controller who administers the payments.

Assisted on calculations for a fiscal impact study for the city of Martinez. The calculations forecast recurring general fund revenue and expenditure impacts from annexation of unincorporated areas. The study is used to inform the City’s decision on annexation feasibility.