Research Assistant

What I love About Work

“I'm passionate about economics and believe that economic development and innovation is crucial to a brighter future. I bring a simultaneously analytical and creative approach to my work, and I’m happy to be a part of RSG’s mission to improve California communities.”


Performed on-site inspections of affordable housing units to ensure safe and healthy living standards for apartments in the cities of Huntington Beach and Westminster.

Conducted file audits, reviewed tenant income certifications, and evaluated recertifications to ensure property owners who received financial assistance live on the property and are not renting it to another party. 

Assisted in a relocation project in Fullerton by translating notices and live-translating community meetings for residents whose preferred language is Spanish

Assisted in a relocation project in Carson by searching for replacement housing that met residents’ needs and preferences.

Created a comparison matrix and policy to establish a framework for the implementation of Community Benefits in the City of Belmont.