Senior Analyst

What I love About Work

“I am passionate about improving equity within society through research, data analysis, and evidence-based recommendations. I firmly believe that the capacity building of local leaders and communities produces positive outcomes for community members.”



Conducted field studies assessing the conditions of deterioration for commercial, residential, and vacant parcels in the cities of Oroville and Stockton. Using field study and socio-economic data, conducted statistical analysis to determine areas of interest for economic development investment.


Assisted with the preparation of desk monitoring notices to ensure clients’ fulfillment of regulatory obligations and annual compliance monitoring for affordable housing projects. This preparation includes delivering occupancy status reports and certifications of continuing program compliance to property managers and coordinating document transfer through cloud computing systems.

Reviewed reporting requirements for affordable housing properties by evaluating units’ occupancy and rents. Assessed housing projects’ rent rolls to ensure affordable rents for tenants and analyzed tenants’ income to certify compliance with the property’s agreement requirements. Ensured compliance by examining Tenant Income Certification forms and supporting income documentation.

Updated affordable housing project income and rent limits pursuant to annual State and Federal limits. Utilized revised limits to determine the new range of affordable rents and to ensure affordability and occupancy compliance at affordable housing projects.

Reviewed the City of Santa Ana’s Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Ordinance to develop Frequently Asked Questions documents and PowerPoint presentations made available to the general public. Identified key aspects of the ordinance to facilitate understanding of its various components in its initial adoption.

Gathered and summarized information related to rent stabilization and just cause eviction program administration to help draft a report advising the City of Santa Ana’s long-term implementation strategy on Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Eviction Ordinances. Assisted in the creation of documents to facilitate the long-term implementation of the program including a work plan, petitions, mediation, and rental housing board.

Derived construction and development cost estimates for a wide variety of affordable housing development projects to help evaluate projects to provide funding to. Utilized construction cost data from Marshall Valuation Service (“MVS”) and reviewed site plans and proformas to develop comparative costs.

Provided research assistance to support the relocation of residents from a mobile home park in Carson to ensure that residents found suitable and affordable housing options.

Annually assists the City of El Monte staff and legal counsel in administering the City’s mobilehome rent control program by conducting the detailed analysis required to process fair return rent increase applications submitted by a mobilehome park owner.

Researched and reviewed local municipal codes to support the creation of new inclusionary housing ordinances for the City of Merced.


Assisted in the preparation of the Housing Authority Annual Report and Housing Successor Compliance Report (“SB 341 Report”) for the cities of Coronado, El Cajon, and Irwindale. This includes financial data review, calculations, and coordination of documents.

Projected city revenues and expenditures that would be generated by a proposed mixed-use development in Oceanside to estimate the projects’ fiscal impact on the City.


Assisted in continuing disclosure reporting by creating land-use tables for the City of Parlier.