What I love About Work

“I enjoy being a part of the affordable housing services RSG provides and collaborating with the cities and local jurisdictions, as well as the community residents themselves.”


Prepared housing authority annual reports pursuant to legislation requirements of SB341 for a few cities. This includes financial data review, calculations, and coordination of documents.

Project manage teams to conduct annual compliance monitoring reporting for affordable housing projects assisted by cities. Including drafting notifications for monitoring request. Gather and collect data to analyze occupancy status reports, rent roll, tenant source income documentation, income certification, and recertifications. Review and summarize compliance of property’s agreement requirements.

Assisted with drafting a memorandum for emergency rental assistance funding programs derived by the CARES Act CDBG-CV3 and Federal Treasury, launched by the County of Orange. The review entailed research on each program, overall funding descriptions, analysis of findings and compared data from each allocated amount. Complied best uses and considerations for each funding source, including eligibility of recipients and any overlapping with duplicate of benefits. 

Coordinated the proper documentation to assist with completing the annual reporting workbook for HCD’s APR requirements. Assisted with data entry for each worksheet tab and summarized all the work performed in a staff report for the City, including final submission to HCD.

Assisted with pre-underwriting loans for the City of El Cajon’s First Time Homebuyers Program. Issue eligibility qualification and assist with final review of tentative loan commitment. Coordinate with lenders, escrow and title throughout the loan processing, including preparing final closing documents on behalf of the City.

Researched and analyzed City of Norco’s affordable housing programs. Including assisting in a descriptive memorandum of best ways to utilize the existing programs and meet the requirements pursuant to SB341 expenditure limits.

Worked with drafting inclusionary housing policy guidelines for cities to implement with their working developers for future affordable housing units. Policy included key eligibility requirements of tenant’s, homeownership, marketing plans and maintenance of interest lists.

Teach and conduct annual compliance monitoring workshops to train and equip property management staff, city staff and new employees at RSG with guidelines and regulations for various topics in affordable housing.

Engaged in Fiscal Impact Analysis of a project generating revenues from property tax, business tax and sales tax. Additionally, determined the impacts of job creation for the community based on the project’s benefits.

Determined resale calculations amounts pursuant to health and safety code for homeowneship units, including researching data and providing final figures.

Oversee database of homeownership monitoring including mailing of initial notices, recertification form and tracking responses for closeout and confirmation.