TAPping into Knowledge: Solving Land Use Issues as Part of a ULI Technical Advisory Panel

Photograph of drawing by Thomas Ventura, Gensler.
Photograph of drawing by Thomas Ventura, Gensler.

Photograph of drawing by Thomas Ventura, Gensler.

This past July, I participated in an Urban Land Institute (ULI) Technical Advisory Panel (TAP), in which ULI members volunteer their time to address challenging land use issues and give back to the community. 

TAPs are the advisory service program of ULI, in which professionals from fields related to land use — architects, planners, financial analysts and others — come together to research and analyze complex land use issues and make recommendations to solve them. We conduct a deep level of research and education and provide advice and recommendations to public agencies and charitable organizations.

In this case, we worked for Cal State Dominguez Hills and AEG to help them improve the land use, circulation, and development financing for their shared campus. The university leases land to AEG, which developed and operates world class athletic facilities including the StubHub Center. In implementing its master plan, the university is seeking guidance for site planning and land use recommendations to accommodate future planned uses of both the university and the StubHub Center; energize the campus, shared sports venues and AEG venues; and create a place that attracts additional students, athletes, and visitors.

The exercise is similar to RSG’s work in that a team of professionals works together to solve local land use issues. Nonetheless, TAPs are condensed into a much shorter time frame than the average RSG project.

Cal State Dominguez Hills and AEG will use our recommendations as part of their long-term campus planning process. It is gratifying to be part of the process.

Written by Dima Galkin, Senior Analyst at RSG.